Monday, November 27, 2006

ABC picks Ironman Triathlete Andy Baldwin as the next Bachelor

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Photo: Andy Baldwin, ABC's next Bachlor at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon

One of my greatest friends in the world, Andy Baldwin has been selected as the next Bachelor for ABC TV's reality series. Tonight, following the conclusion of the last season - they made the announcement.
I've known Andy for a long time; we've raced together and - tried to find the women of our dreams out there somewhere, because after many failed attempts to find "the one" we're both convinced that they actually exist. From the front lines of the search - I'm sure that ABC picked the right guy, because Andy's not only ready - but he's really looking for the one.

Photo: Mitch Thrower and Andy Baldwin move a car in Penticton, Canada

I remember this year in Ironman Canada; a car had parked on a hose we wanted to use to clean our bike chains before the race. Andy's quick response? "Hey Mitch, let's just move the car," so we did. Andy's a Dr. in the Navy and an avid, very talented triathlete and humanatarian.

Steve Gintowt, the CFO of Triathlete Magazine said - "It's hard to believe that Andy Baldwin is actually as nice as he is - but he is, and it's great to know that he's the real thing."

Andrew Baldwin will have many fans, and a few vocal non-fans. Such is the nature of Reality TV - you have 45 million people who will love him and 5 million who will be grumpy because they just like to be grumpy about stuff.
C'est La Vie.

Good luck Baldwin - find her!

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Ladies, you can apply to be on the show with Andy - and see if he picks you -
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