Thursday, October 13, 2005

Part V - 90 Tips & Secrets for Your Best Ironman Experience

Here are Tips 41-51. For 1-40, just scroll down. The Ironman is the day after tomorrow.

41. Locate a private or secret bathroom option for race morning. There are several. If you can’t find one, make friends with someone staying at the King Kam, and then ask them if you can share their pre-race facilities in their room on race morning.

42. DO NOT use the air conditioning when you are here EVER. Not in the car, and not in your hotel or condo. You want to be “conditioned” to the heat. Although, I must say, this year, it seems much cooler in Kona. But the weather can change in a matter of days or hours here and rain in the evening + sun on hot lava = sauna.

43. Hit the Expo hard – people have come from all over the world to present their products to help you as a triathlete. Spend time in each booth not just for the free stuff, but take the time to find out about the latest and greatest in the nutrition, product and psychology of our sport. NOTE: Find Chris and Cambria from Cassidy’s Massage – they are two of the best massage professionals around and are set up at the expo. Arrange a post-race massage appointment with them.

44. If you feel like you are catching a cold, then make sure to swim casually today and tomorrow, take some Vitamin C, and mentally focus on beating the cold. Drink hot water with lemon.

45. Traffic in and out of Kona is brutal. If you are staying far from town, then leave early to get back in on race morning or for the carbo dinner and awards. Find a friend with a shower and bring clothes you can change into after the race, so you don’t have to leave town after the race if you want to stay and watch the finish. Remember the Queen K closes on race day.

46. Find and shake hands with John Duke. Rumor or legend state that if you shake hands with John Duke from Triathlete in the days before the race you will set a new PR. ; )

47. Go low fiber the day before the race. Don’t be afraid to stop at a porta-potty on the race course – that’s what they are there for.

48. Think BIG picture. Grab a pen or a keyboard and answer the following.
a. Ironman is important to me because? Share this with your "life support" crew.
b. The people who have helped me get here are? Send them a thank you.
c. Saturday I will finish in the following time range: ____ to ____.

49. When you start the swim, just before the cannon fires – lift your legs so you are horizontal when the cannon blows – this will launch you faster into the “battle-bay.”

50. Be ready to get pelted. This swim is brutal, and it’s not the waves – it’s the people. Remember you’re within inches of close to 2000 people who have waited and prepared for an entire year for this moment, and many of them are way too uptight about their finish time. Just plan on getting kicked in the face, having your goggles super-sucked on with an elbow, and someone bumping you off of the perfect heels. Do not hit people back.

51. Get your stuff done race morning and get in the water early - take the time in the ocean to relax and get ready.