Friday, October 14, 2005

Part VI - 90 Tips and Secrets for Your Best Ironman Experience

Here are the next 10 of the 90 Tips and Secrets. Scroll down for the earlier posts to this blog, including the previous tips and secrets...

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At the Carbo dinner they have a tradition of counting up from 1, and having athletes stand and stay standing as they count how many times they have done Ironman Hawaii. I was proud (and a bit surprised) to be able to stand until they said, “Please stay standing if you have completed 11 Ironmans…” And I sat down. Next year…

52. I have a recurring dream. I’ve had it since I was little kid, it happens every month or so -- even now. It’s a dream that I’m flying. That’s not the strange part though; the strange part is that in the dream, if I start to doubt that I can fly, I land on the ground running. Then when I believe I can fly again, I can take off. In real life, I’ve only been able to simulate the flying feeling by descending hills in Colorado when cycling – it’s an amazing feeling to fly. In the Ironman, you will fly -- you will finish -- because you believe you can. If you don’t believe you can, you’ll be right. So believe. This is the origin of human achievement – belief in that thing you call you. So just do.

53. Connect with something bigger than yourself and this race before you start. Ironman has spiritual roots, and so does Hawaii. Religion is always an interesting subject to write about, because you are never sure what people believe, and you never want to offend anyone when it comes to the most fundamental part of life. With all due respect to the different religions of the world – I encourage you, only if it’s your choice – to connect with something bigger before you embark on your journey. Have faith -- you can finish.

54. Wrap your bike gears in plastic, before checking it in – it’s been known to pour the night before the Ironman.

55. Clean and lube your chain. If you can find Teflon Plus – I highly recommend it for this course.

56. Think this week about how you can spread the wealth. The sport of triathlon is filled with successful people from all over the world. Use your network, your savvy business understanding and your influence to inspire a new triathlete in your immediate network.

57. Check your bike in early, and then get your feet up.

58. Have someone give you a shoulder or quad rub down the morning of the race.

59. Make a checklist of everything YOU are going to do tomorrow (Friday) and on Saturday. Plan your time carefully the day and night before the race. If you’re looking for a low-cost awesome pre-race fish and pasta place, find Quinn’s across from the King Kam.

60. You will be with close to 2,000 people in the water swinging their close to 4,000 arms and legs in a human-egg-beater. When you get out of scrambled legs -- and get in to the transition area – PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Many accidents and mishaps can happen in transition, so pay very close attention to people around you, and look in every direction when you are leaving the transition area.

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61. Mentally race the race. Spend 15 minutes with your eyes closed going through everything you need to do, and watch yourself do every part of the race successfully.