Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Morning Cartoons at Dig Me Beach, Kailua-Kona

I'm back from the pier now and I can still see swimmers in the ocean from my balcony. Heather and Roch were at the pier today – Heather looks incredibly fit.

She just did some modeling for Glamour magazine--should be fun to catch those photos. Helped Roch bring two brand new mountain bikes up to their room. He has figured out a money saving get-around-Kona trick. Instead of renting mountain bikes from the local rental agencies, he just went to K-Mart and bought two. They cost around $69 each to buy -- it costs around 200 each to rent for the week. Cha-ching. The two bikes pictured here on the left are Roch's gifts for Paula and Paul – you could call it their Honeymoon transportation. They are going to donate the bikes to a local charity when they leave.

I also caught up win Michellie Jones this morning on my way back, and Simon Lessing was raving about his bike seat, and he looked very, very "clear."