Friday, November 04, 2005

Ten More Tips and Secrets for Your Best Ironman Experience

It's always challenging to record your thoughts the night before an Ironman.

Every race I've ever done, Ironman or sprint, always affords a wonderful "race eve" which can be challenging, sleepless and at times even stressful.

The best thing to do is to relax - and it's hard. After all, within 24 hours, this Ironman of tomorrow will be over, and that's after 140 miles of swimming, biking and running -- not to mention the tornado transitions or the 2400 other people racing and 4500 people volunteering.

Your life always changes when you hear the encouraging cheers from tens of thousands of spectators.

Ironman Florida is tomorrow.

Here are 10 more quick Tips and Secrets for Your Best Ironman Experience:

71. Sleep with your timing chip on – that way you won’t lose it.

72. Use empty Tic-Tac boxes to carry your salt tablets so they don’t melt.

73. Don’t watch the news until after the race.

74. Eat less fiber the night before an Ironman.

75. Have your “last supper” the night before your race no later than 6PM. Mostly liquid nutrition thereafter.

76. Stay out of the sun the week before the race.

77. Fall in love race week with a triathlete. This is perhaps the single most effective way to ensure that you will find energy on the race course. Mile markers pass quickly when you know there is someone you’re running towards – not away from. (Please only do this if you're single.)

78. Use music to create a perfect auditory environment race day.

79. Bring an extra set of dry clothes to the race - warm clothes - for when you finish.

80. Befriend someone staying at the host hotel or tower near the finish line – sneak in a quick shower in their room, then come back to the finish line.

81. Scroll down for more of the 90 tips and secrets!