Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Free Vintage Triathlete Mags!

Here is a great offer for all Ironmitch readers:


To thank all Ironmitch readers for their feedback and support, I would like to offer the first 250 Ironmitch readers a free vintage copy of Triathlete Magazine if you add a high profile link to my blog on your website or personal weblog!

It's easy to qualify for your free copy... all you need to do is post a link back to http://ironmitch.blogspot.com on your site and send me the URL that includes the link - include your mailing address for the free vintage issue.

By linking to my site you will join the Ironmitch family and help to spread triathlon inspiration.

So, shoot me a message including your name, link back to ironmitch URL, and mailing information, and you will receive a vintage Triathlete Magazine copy.

Send this to mitchthrower@yahoo.com

Train Smart!