Friday, August 25, 2006

3,220 People in an Ironman?

Tonight, Graham Fraser announced that next year they are considering having two wave starts for Ironman Canada. Two. History in the making. Up to 3200 people.

He also announced tonight that registrants in this year's event will be allowed to register for next year's event tomorrow (Saturday) -- the day BEFORE the event -- rather than the day AFTER.

I have a vivid recollection of coming back to the host hotel after finishing the event a few years ago, and climbing over the un-showered, passed out people who had just finished racing in the Ironman and were now sleeping in the lobby. They had formed a line to register for the following year's event the day after the Ironman - and gone to sleep.

Graham's decision to offer registration for next year's event the day before the Ironman is a fantastic one.

Triathlon's explosive growth is fueled by the passion of millions of Triathletes around the world, and some great executives who run the events.

The first Ironman Canada had about 20 people in it, now potentially 3,220. Thanks Graham! I'll be registering tomorrow for next year's event.