Saturday, August 26, 2006

An e-mail from Thom Klingman (812)

From: Thom Klingman (812)
Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2006 3:15 AM
Subject: Thanks

Thanks for the coverage of IM Canada. Over the last year, I’ve enjoyed your blog, and as the action is heating up, I’m getting excited about what you’ll bring us from Hawaii.

I found your last post very interesting. Your mention of “being done” at mile 23 of the marathon hit a chord for me. I did my 3rd IM in Lake Placid this year and found my self at the same place in T2. I didn’t want any part of that run. I went out anyway (feeling like crap) and literally ran into one of my training buddies. He was in the same position and we agreed to work together. Long story short, through all the mess we endured, the race seemed to get better and better. We ended up crossing the line together, and though we took a ton of crap from our friends, it was great.

For me, Ironman racing is life fully magnified in one special day. You start with all the hope in the world, lose it along the way, and find it again at the finish line.