Thursday, August 24, 2006

Friends at the Barking Parrot

If this is going to continue to be an honest blog then I need to cover everything, right? Tonight I spent some time at Penticton's Barking Parrot and I brought my camera. Picasa automatically created this collage above. The Barking Parrot is one of Penticton's hottest nightspots. I had to leave early, but the hour I spent there was quite fun.

I am amazed that everyone can tell that I am, a) a triathlete, and b) not from around here. Perhaps it's the fact that I like to use my laptop in restaurants or maybe it's the sneakers with the Ironman socks - but every few minutes I hear, "Are you here for the race?"

In the lobby of the hotel earlier today, I caught a much older gentleman leaning to his wife as some triathletes walked by, he said. "They sure do look all alike, don’t they?"

Made some wonderful friends tonight - and I even met the women who folded 2,000 race t-shirts here a few years ago. She was still grumpy about it. Everyone was friendly, and everyone wanted to talk about the triathlon. Do NOT order the salmon burger at this place, it was pathetic.