Thursday, August 31, 2006

Letter from Triathlete, Gary Breuner


I wanted to say thanks to you for taking the time to “spread a little love” around. You get to touch more lives than many of us do through your travels, and this past weekend you spent a little time with my friend Joe Angelo. He was VERY stoked to meet and chat with you, as we discuss your unique brand of wisdom with the arrival of each issue of Triathlete. “Starting Lines” could focus on many different topics, but you choose to highlight what I feel are the important things to be gained from life. I know athletes whose entire focus, and driving motivation, is beating the people they train with. Competition is good, but man, does that attitude get old after a while!

After 3 knee surgeries (the last one in May) I’m happy just to be out there DOING it. Want a new perspective on racing? Come in last sometime. Been there. My first ½-Iron effort was an under-trained and under-fueled disaster, but I still managed to limp it across the line. The medal hanging on my wall reminds me of the accomplishment…certainly something 10 years ago I never thought I’d be doing.

This year I got to watch Joe in his first Ironman. NOTHING is more inspiring than watching that event. My NBC Kona coverage videotapes from 2003 and 2004 are almost worn out, they’ve been viewed so much. So next year in Coeur d’Alene, (thanks to a very supportive wife and family) I get to step up to the Ironman distance. We’re fortunate, we can live and train here, and I got a ride in on a VERY windy IMCDA bike course yesterday.

We never take it for granted, which brings me back to your words of wisdom in Triathlete: Thanks again for keeping our athletic lives in perspective. As with the photo of Joe, and the other 2-wheeled rider in the photo, it reminds us daily to be thankful.

Gary Breuner
North Idaho