Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ironman Eve

On the evening before most big events, things intensify.

Tonight is no different. It’s like New Years Eve, Graduation Eve, and Christmas Eve all rolled into one.

Tomorrow, I will not need anything except energy.
I will not need a wallet.
I will not need a car.
I will not have a cell phone or blackberry with me.
I will be alone, with 2,500 athletes and 5,000 volunteers, and hundreds of great friends - and many more soon to be great friends - hopefully for around 11 – 14 hours.
Thank God I arrived at the start healthy and injury free.

Tomorrow, my friend Jessiqa Pace will try to update the blog a few times during the day – but you can always check in on race day with Ironman Live or you can track my long day by clicking here --> Track Mitch on the Ironman Course.