Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sharks Sighted in Kona

It may not be that unusual for sharks to be seen in the ocean - after all - it's a big ocean. While we may be immersed in the wrong part of the food chain when we enter the water - it is still a wake up call when we hear of a couple of the "shark-fellas" hanging out in our favorite tri-spot, Kona - it makes us wonder just how much they like tri-sushi. This letter just came in from John Post. Now,
that's a sign that could inspire someone to break the swim course record this year at the Ironman.

Dear Mitch,

Just to add to your recent article about sharks. My family has always said they'd come with me to Kona any week but Ironman week--too distracting since I put on a Sports Medicine course then.

So, a couple weeks ago we changed destinations from Sequioa to Kona, and had a ball. On one of my morning swims, I stopped at the buoy in front of the Royal Kona Resort, to see if anyone else was in the water to accompany me to the next one. Strangely, a man and woman, and their dog Kimo, a doberman with a life jacket on (only in Hawaii), swam up, and the 4 of us swam on. Later the gent asked me if I saw the "No Swimming, Shark Sighting" sign on the Kona pier-I had not--duh.

He noted that a jet skier had accidentally overturned, and when he looked down, he saw three Tiger Sharks. Apparently they were followed back out to sea by helicopter, so I was told.

Wonder what would happen if that sign went up October 19th?
Photos attached for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Swimming,

John Post
Note to the blogsphere: If you have any shark stories -- or recommendations for what to do when you see a shark in the water -- send them along to me at and I'll post them here. Be careful out there triathletes of the world - and remember not to wear a white swim cap, or anything yellow. Shark researchers call yellow "yum yum yellow."