Friday, August 25, 2006

Thursday Night Lights

When I met volunteers Katie and Ashley tonight at the open-air family festival, I asked them if they had any special plans on what to do after the Ironman. Ashley said something really funny. "Everytime I watch someone exercise, I get hungry so I go eat."

This is Sarah - she is the hostess at Salty's Resturant at the end of Lakeshore, you simply must eat there - tell her Mitch sent you, but plan on waiting a while - perhaps even longer if you tell her I sent you. The Ahi Tuna, the salmon and the pizzas all are all fantastic here.

We picked up Jessiqa tonight at the airport, and she's going to be covering the event with some fantastic camera and video equipment and skill. Her flight had to circle around, and around - apparently the landing lights at the Penticton Airport broke. Changing the approach, they landed from the opposite direction, and Andy was very happy to see Jess.

Ahoy Matie, them's Ironman words you're a-singing...