Sunday, September 10, 2006

La Jolla Rough Water Swim Photo Gallery

The La Jolla Roughwater Swim is likely the most rough swim start of any event I have participated in in the last decade. The tight cove, combined with the I've-been-in-a-designated-lane-all-my-life swimmer psyche creates a very abusive swim start. Goggle suck, punch, elbow and nudge make this a very adventurous swim start. This is the start of the Gatorman - the 3 mile swim. You're first instinct may be to hit back - but don't. Roll with it.
Special thanks to photographer Claudia Abreu

I'm the guy way out in front on the left - this is just before the rest of the swimmers swam over me in a sprint before they got tired and I passed most of them again. lol.

My great friend Glynn, and the youngest Gatorman participant, 9 month old Ripples - the first person under 1 year old to make the entire 3 mile swim in under an hour.

Results Mulch.
Got Press?

The March of the Penguins.
Must be the Noloflex.
Record warm water temp. 70.1 degrees F.
The Fountain of Youth is Movement.