Monday, October 16, 2006

Enough about the Quake - Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Ironman Week

The First 10 Secrets and Tips For Your Best Ironman 2006

50. Find a professional athlete and have your photo taken with him or her. Send it to all your friends who are not triathletes, and say "Me with Thomas, or Me with Belinda."
49. Scope out all the bathrooms at the King Cam - find someone who is staying there, and become their new best friend. In a moment after you help them change their bike tire, or with their swim stroke, say "Hey, do you mind getting me an extra key to your room so I can use the bathroom on race morning?"
48. Make your rock pyramid early. There, um, should be plenty of rocks lying around. If you don't yet know about the rock pyramid - it's a legend, and something really special. Ironman athletes often make "energy pyramids" in the lava fields as a way of connecting with the island, themselves, the people they are dedicating their race to and their spiritual beliefs.
47. Help someone with something. Good Karma is good karma. You'll need all you can get on race day.
46. If you're single, ask a triathlete on a training date. If you're not, ask your significant other to do something really special with you while you're on the island. REALLY special.
45. Prepare everything early. Register early, get all your gear taken care of early, get your bags all set up, your food, your checklist all taken care of long before race eve - as the week progresses, you want as much of your life to be on auto-pilot as possible.
44. If you eat yogurt, then eat yogurt. It will keep the bacteria in your stomach all good for race day. Don't vary brands or eat frozen yogurt during the week. You want to get your digestive bacteria all set with one set, then keep it in sync.
43. Drink ample water, but don't over drink - eat, but don't over eat - and try not to stress about every thing.
42. No Alcohol. I mean it. Every drink this week will make each of the last 5 miles seem 10 minutes longer. You don't believe me? Try it. But not in Hawaii.
41. Stand outside in the rain when it rains. Stretch your arms out and let the rain fall on as much of you as possible - close your eyes, and imagine the rain washing away all your worries, fears, stressors and problems. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. You are alive. You are racing in the Ironman on the big Island of Hawaii, on the planet earth which is spinning around a sun which is spinning around a Galaxy, which is flying through space and time. This is your space. This is your time. When everything is washed off of your conscience, go inside and get dry - you don't want to catch a cold.

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