Friday, October 20, 2006

Ironman Hawaii Photo Gallery - The Ironman is TOMORROW

We all start at 0.

Lori Bowden

Heather Fuhr
Desiree Flicker

Bruce Buchanan - ready to race.


Heather Gollnick

Dennis Kashisckec at the bike check-in.

Chris Lieto

Melissa Merson checking in.

Michellie checking in, and the guy behind her checking her out.

Lanzarote shopping.

Sarah Horn in Lava Java.

King Kam lobby.

If there is any question in your mind about the beauty of this island of Hawaii, just stop looking at all things man made for a second.

Japanese fans make some encouraging signs.

In search of a wireless connection...

Dick Hoyt, a hero defined.

I sometimes wonder what will happen to the children that grow up with heros who have true superpowers, like Paula Newby-Fraser. What yet undiscovered feat of human accomplishment have we inspired by nudging this sport of triathlon along?

Andrew Baldwin at the bike check in.

Photos by Roy Soleil