Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday's with Kona - Hawaii Ironman Photo Gallery. Special Bonus: Underwear Run Photos

Beyond the blue Hawaii...

Roger most certainly, rocks - he has his own t-shirts.

Look into the distance, those are the transition tents... In less than 48 Hours, they will be full of screaming people. "Sunblock!" - "A little help!" - "Can you pull my bike jersey down?"

The Ironman Product Line.

Ironman Lieutenant Andrew Baldwin of the US Navy helps with the Power Bar banner.

Natasha Badman running on Ali'i Drive.

President of the World Triathlon Corporation, Ben Fertic on his new wheels, supplied by the WTCIA.

St. Peters Catholic Church on Ali'i Drive overlooking the ocean. With 12 pews and a pulpit, this  church is surrounded by bougainvillea. It was built in 1889 on an ancient heiau. Masses are given once and week and the door is always open for visitors.

White Sands Beach on Ali'i Drive.

Greg Welch and Kate Major

Oscar Galindez with negative 4% body fat.

If Graham Fraser was wearing a hat, and came to a rated R movie, you likely would not let him in, for fear he was too young. He's the energetic, youthful owner of the Ironman North America Series, including Ironman Canada and Ironman Lake Placid. Graham is pictured here with his beautiful wife in Lava Java.

Lava Java, once again.

Biking on Ali'i Drive

Bike with a view.

The tradition of the underwear run starts with the purchase of some really cheesy underwear.

Ironbodies flexing in their underwear.

Underwear run co-founder Paul Huddle on the left.

Over the years, the underwear run has transformed from a social commentary about the "foerigners" who were raised wearing very skimpy bikini bottoms all about town, into a cultural phenomenon.

There are few events in the world like Kona, and few athletes in the world like Triathletes.

Wonderful Photos: Courtesy Roy Soleil, Jessia Pace and Glynn Turquand