Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Triathlete Magazine Summit

This past week, following the Multisports Triathlon camp, the Triathlete Magazine team and the Board of Advisors gathered in Encinitas, California for a two day summit to discuss the expansion of Triathlete's business worldwide.

With white board strategy sessions and thought provoking bike rides and runs along the California Coastline - it was an amazing few days. John Duke, the CEO of Triathlete Magazine, kept everyone informed, entertained and on schedule -- John's been at the helm of Triathlete since 1998, and has done a fantastic job managing the inherent chaos of a high-quality monthly magazine. He's got some wonderful suprises for readers and the industry planned, so stay tuned.

So, here is a question: How would YOU - the amazing reader of Triathlete Magazine, improve the magazine?- what would you recommend? What additional things would you do/offer to better serve the reader and the triathletes around the world? Send your recommendations to me anytime. Put Triathlete Magazine in the subject header and send them to: mthrower@triathletemag.com

Top:- Wesley Hein, Matt Barger, Sean Watkins, Kai Baumgartner, Russ Crabs and uber-journalist and strategist - Cameron Elford.
Bottom: On a short break on one of the Sunset-Bike-Strategy-Sessions - I caught this photo of
Triathlete Magazine Board member Matt Barger.