Friday, October 14, 2005

An Age Group Superhero - Dan Powell

Every year, certain athletes stand out. This year, you just may notice Dan Powell on the run. Dan is a Del Mar real estate mogul, good friend and accomplished triathlete. His support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation is indelible. He has raised over three hundred thousand dollars and the charity itself has raised over six million dollars. The awards banquet last night brought tears to the crowd's eyes with video clips from the movie "Emanuel’s Gift". Dan Powell finds his inspiration from the opportunity to travel and help others, and from the beautiful places he visits.

Dan’s race plan for next year? Ironman China and a few other races, perhaps the Great Wall Marathon and a few other exotic locations, including Kona. His daughter Dawn is a senior in High School and she was a finisher in the August 2004 Ironman Revisited in Oahu; Dan and she participated in it together.

If you know Dan, then you likely know about “Captain Challenge.” The Captain is a superhero that Dan brought to life who possesses no “super-powers.” He has the powers of persistence, patience, kindness and good will, which we all have. He encourages people to do something that they have not done before, and he challenges people to help others and stretch their limits. Keep your eye out for Captain Challenge this year…