Friday, October 14, 2005

Photos and 10 more of the 90 TIPS AND SECRETS on The REAL New Year's Eve

What a day. There are a great many "things TO DO", and lots of STUFF associated with this sport. It’s like a puzzle. I’m sitting on the Lani at the Four Seasons and the winds are blowing quite strong out here - so be prepared for a really windy Ironman tomorrow. Here are the next 10 tips of the 90 – I have many stories and photos that I will have to post after the event. Tomorrow, I may be able to get some posts up – so keep checking…

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Make sure to check out Preston, the president of Kestrel, in the photo - he's a wonderful guy and has kept many of us on hot bikes for many years.

I know it’s going to be a long day – but I’m ready, and really looking forward to it. Now my pillow beckons…

62. Tonight’s pro tip is from the 4th place finisher in last year’s race and his 15th consecutive race in Hawaii - Alexander Taubert. I asked him what advice he had for the athletes. His reply? “I have no advice. Just Go.”

63. When you finish reading this blog, go to sleep, the race is in less than 12 hours.

64. You have done all the prep you can. Now relax.

65. Don’t stress about sleeping, if you can, great – if not – no big deal. You’ll be able to sleep fine tomorrow night – trust me.

66. Listen to your body tomorrow.

67. Whatever happens tomorrow in the Ironman, don’t stop. Just finish.

68. As the sun burns your skin tomorrow (the sunblock WILL wash off), let the day burn into your memory.

69. Set two or more alarm clocks tonight.

70. Tonight, before you go to sleep, call someone you love. Tell them.

71. Be camera friendly. Remember, when you come out of the water at the end of the swim, flex, pose, do whatever you want to do, because they take your photo as you exit the water. Suck in that stomach! Riiight. Also at the finish line. Do something amazing when you finish – remember – your photo and video are going out live all over the world with your finish, at and it will be accessible on the internet FOREVER.

Thanks to Kai from for the sunset over Kailua Kona photo at the start of this story. Again, even if you don't speak German, check out his site.

And on you will find more photo galleries and expert stories from the best journalists in the sport.