Monday, October 31, 2005

Arrived in Panama City Tonight and Met The Two Triathletes Pictured Here

Time for Ironman Florida! Here is a photo of the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico tonight. When the plane landed, I met Daniel Kezele (in this photo above in front of the Panama City Airport) from the famous Hannes tour group out of Germany.

Did you know that Hannes Tours brought over 500 people with close to 200 athletes to Hawaii, and he's got over 140 people here for Ironman Florida? Now THAT's a tour group.

Also met Andreas Fink (also in photo above) from Italy who was very complimentary of our Triathlete Magazine international subscription service. He said "It's amazing, when Triathlete Magazine arrives, it's like the whole world is in my mailbox in my small Italian mountain town. I'm always so surprised that it arrives on time, when the magazines I subscribe to from Italy are typically weeks or months late." He mentioned he did not know what to do when he watched the hurricanes pounding the US. "We wanted to help." He said. "You almost feel guilty coming to a distressed state racing, but then you realize that life goes on, and we need to help the world get back to normal."