Monday, October 31, 2005

Lt. Andy Baldwin - The All-American

Ironman Andrew Baldwin defines the “All American Kid” and it started with his paper route savings plan. I’ve known Andy for several years now, as a good friend and training partner. You might recognize him from Triathlete Magazine’s swimsuit edition a few years ago. He was the guy sucking in his stomach.

Andy’s athletic background started when he was 7 when he joined a swimming team. An All-American high school swimmer, he continued his swimming at Duke, before diving head first into a pre-med curriculum. At college, he was also a member of the Naval ROTC. After medical school in San Francisco Andy did his residency in San Diego training in General Surgery.

Andy and I also work together on Project Active, which is a non-profit organization with a global mission and commitment to diffuse world tensions through sport related education, equipment, mentoring and encouragement. Andy is our Medical correspondent and he has also gone through Navy Deep Sea Diver training.

Andy’s first taste of triathlon was in 2001, when he finished on the podium at Wildflower and won his age group at the Treasure Island Triathlon, that year – he was hooked.

Commenting on goal setting, Andy said. “Establish your goals in the different areas of your life -- family and friends, health and fitness, career, hobbies (art, photography, music, charity, etc), and spirituality/ religion/self-enlightenment. Make sure you are passionate about achieving these goals and pursue them each and every day with equal strength and desire, because there’s always a little voice in the back of your head challenging you, saying you can't achieve everything you want to in life. Prove that voice wrong.”

Andy’s always smiling when he’s racing. This year he was selected by Cosmopolitan Magazine to be “Mr. California,” and race week, he had to fly from Kona to NY, then back to Kona so he could appear on the Regis and Kelly show. Andy finished this year’s Ironman with a strong 10:04:36. Mr. California now lives in Oahu.

It would be hard to meet a nicer guy, and this “Cosmo-Cali-Man’s” looks have definitely not gone to his head. He’s modest to a fault, and has a heart of gold. If you get the chance to meet Andy at a race, make sure to introduce yourself.

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