Sunday, October 09, 2005


The Sunday before the Ironman, “PATH” - supporting pedestrian safety and routes in Hawaii has a 5k and 10k run on Ali'i drive. It’s a great event, and if you’re here next year, sign up for it. I did not run – my legs are SO sore from starting to run again. Think today might be a very short run for me – 1 mile active recovery.

Lynn and Kelly Nyberg from Haslett, Michigan - pictured here in yellow and blue before their race. They are here supporting husband and dad, Doug. They commented, "We think we're more nervous about the race than he is."

Pictured below: Jamie Roth, and his family - Becki and Jonathan who both participated in today's event - they run track at school. He's racing next Saturday, and he was here before in 2002. "You remember that year, Mitch," he said "it was the year it was really hot, wait, I guess every year is really hot. This race has been on our minds for the last three years." Welcome back Jamie, remember to put ice in your running hat at the aid stations.

And 10 week old Alika shown here was getting ready to sleep through her first 5k, as her mom Susan pushed her in her baby jogger on roller blades next to her husband Alex who is racing. THIS is a support crew -- redefined.

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