Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday Afternoon in Kona

How much does a beer cost? I haven't purchased a beer in a really long time, but I thought about it today because some Yahoo’s beer just cost me more than $220. I’ve been riding to and from the airport many times now and until today the road was perfectly clean, but this past weekend, I think some baseball pitcher "hopefuls” got all silly throwing beer bottles out their car windows. WARNING: as of Sunday a.m. -- there is a lot of glass between the town of Kailua Kona, and just past the airport. I must have passed at least 5 broken bottles shattered into mini-tire popping “schrivelitts.” Two Conti sew up tires, two quick fills, a $28 taxi ride back to town from the Airport (hitchhiking was not working), and that was one expensive beer.

At another point on my ride, I turned around to see Faris Al-Sultan behind me in my draft – he just appeared – he must have been biking at 45 mph before he caught me. Here was the Arizona Ironman Champion, casually spinning and smiling -- I think almost yawning -- tucked in to my wind stream. He was on his way back to his hotel, because he is staying out of town, and it took a short while before I recognized him.

Faris is pictured here above.

We rode together and chatted for a bit. He provided some brief advice for Ironman athletes, which will appear in my second installment of 90 Iron-tips later tonight. What a fascinating story, as Outside Magazine stated “A German-Iraqi who supports the U.S.-led war, a Muslim sponsored by a brewery, an elite athlete who trains without a coach: Faris Al-Sultan defies easy categorization.”

Forgot to post the amazing breakfast from Lava Java, so here it is. Could not finish it all, but it was fantastic. Order the egg white omelet with vegetables, and the pancakes are at least ½ an inch thick.

Caught part of the sunset at the smallest Catholic Church in the world today, right along Aliii drive, near Kahaluu (excellent snorkeling) beach -- where the sea turtles hang out. On my way back I stopped for the the last part of the sunset at White Sands Beach. Most of the sand from White Sands beach has been washed away, but it’s still a cute little slice of Kona.

I’m excited because, tomorrow my support crew arrives, Rita and Emily from San Diego.