Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Now I’m sitting here at Lava Java with Thomas Hellriegel (35th place and former world champion), Stephan Vuckovic (10th Place) and current man of vison in Triathlon, Kai Baumgartner. They are eating bacon cheeseburgers (the Lava Java Sunset Burger). This was Stephan’s first race and I asked him what he recommends for my 90 Tips and Secrets on this blog: 62. Stephan recommends for other first timers, “If you feel bad, don’t stop. After the bike, I felt really bad. Athletes need patience and movement. My key to breaking 8:30 was my training and my 2 Milky way bars, 8 Power Gels, Coke, Water and Gatorade on the run.”

When Thomas Hellriegel did his 8:06 here in Kona, he only drank water and coke - no food. The night before the race he had pasta, a tuna steak and some salad. His advice? 63. “Go out and go as hard as you can. Drinking is a sign of weakness.” He is serious about the first part and is kidding about the second part, but it plays in to the “Die or succeed” mentality. Thomas and Stephan are heading to Fuertoventura and then Lanzarote in January. When training near Lanzarote, on the other volcanic island, Teneriffe, Thomas likes to climb the famous Teide volcano from 0 to 7,000 -- 12 times in 14 days.