Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Misc. Ironman Photo Gallery & Triathlete Magazine Party

A fin showed up near Kailua Pier the day after the Ironman. Is that a dolphin, or a shark looking for leftover swimmers?

I’m sitting here with Peter Reid at Lava Java. He leaves tomorrow for Xterra, and then he is coming back to the Big Island to get ready for Australia.

“It’s cold at home,” he said, “And I just don’t feel like doing booties, gloves and leg warmers in the cold. It’s just easier here,” he said, as he looked out towards the ocean and the bright sunshine that just days ago baked athletes from all over the world here in Kona.

Here are some memorable photos from the last week, including some shots from the Triathlete Magazine Party on Sunday. In this one, Al Rubio, Terry Stewart, Wilson Waggoner of NBC and I. Photo by Eric Bieghey.