Sunday, October 16, 2005

An Invitation For You To Do The Ironman With Me

I could write ten thousand words about yesterday's Ironman, and I likely will -- but what I would rather do, is let you do it with me.

In 1997 I was the first photo journalist to do the Ironman and shoot the race from within the event, and we published the photo gallery in Triathlete Magazine.

I practiced for weeks before the event to manage the safety issues, specially attached wrist camera, maintaining balance with one hand (wrap the thumb tightly around the other handle bar). After some practice rides this year, I shot 80 pics while doing the event. The best are below...

With special thanks to the entire Ironman family for letting me bring you the Ironman experience from within the event, here is my photo gallery from the perspective of an Ironman. This is what you will see when you do the Ironman.

Come travel with me through my race yesterday…