Monday, October 17, 2005

Awards and...

The awards were very inspirational - not too long, and very well scripted.

More meetings today, Monday - so after a long day of meetings, I'm finally sitting down to catch up.

It's quite hard to walk down stairs today.

So many thoughts when I watched the sun set on the Ironman Week. Will I be back next year? Should I book my condo now? What will happen between now and then in my life and the lives of the other Ironman athletes?

It is strange that the Ironman has become an annual holiday or like some type of timepiece. It is an event that you don't simply set your clock by -- it is something you set your life by.

Still to come in this blog...

-The Awards


-Lulu’s Triathlete Dance Party EDITED... ;)

-Alii drive at 3:00 a.m. the night after the Ironman

-The Oakley Athletes at The Four Seasons for some R&R

-The last 30 tips for Your Best Ironman Experience at any Ironman Event worldwide!

-The easiest race to qualify for Ironman Hawaii...

So come back daily to check in -- and be sure to bookmark this site!