Sunday, October 23, 2005

Kona Flashbacks Part I - The Bike Finish

I remember the kids in the Banyan tree when I arrived back in town. How did they get up there? Check them out in the photo above...

The feeling in your body and legs when you first get off your bike in an Ironman is part relief, part disbelief and part whirlwind, but mostly, it's just pain. Forget walking through a fire or hot coals - just run to your transition gear bags.

I find the first 3 miles to be almost as challenging as miles 23 to 25 of the marathon. The last mile of the marathon in Kona does not count, because the streets are lined with people cheering, and because Ali'i drive simply must have magnets underneath it to propel forward the dreams and hopes of tens of thousands of athletes worldwide.

Ironman is a goal, an achievement.
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