Monday, October 10, 2005

Photo Gallery From Monday Morning Work Week in Kailua Kona

The Ironman is in 5 days. You know you're out of time, when the milk you buy in the store expires a month after the race.

Swam the course slowly today – water is getting more crowded than the 405 freeway in LA. Be careful out there. Look up when you swim to sight the oncoming swimmers. The water clairty is spectacular.

Wendy Ingraham got pelted in the shoulder by an eager swimmer who was not looking up -- it was quite a bruise. Wendy, Heather and Paula swam together today – they are pictured here after their swim.

Normann Stadler came out of the water to a big kiss from his girlfriend who called him “Mien Fish.”

My great friend, likely one of the best people on the planet earth - also one of the Ironman announcers and sales superstar from the Active Network -- Mike Reilly arrived today at the airport. The United flights, full of bike cases and washboards, continue to arrive...

See if you recognize anyone else in this pier photo gallery below, HINT: it’s an Ironman winner, and...

The massage tent was up today, after the swim, and the active recovery group was working their magic.

Fitville, Kona.