Monday, October 10, 2005

Part II -- 90 Tips and Secrets for Your Best Ironman

This is the second installment of the 90 Tips and Secrets For Your Best Ironman Experience, all in this blog - just scroll down. Remember to forward this to anyone you know who is doing an Ironman! Bookmark this link...

11. Iron Week - Make 5 phone calls to the most positive people you know. Laugh with them about something. Tell them you are here.

12. If you’re here with a pack of people, then make sure to take some time ALONE when you are NOT training. This “think” time will give you a special peace you need when racing.

13. Get your favorite bike tire early – every year, they run out of most tires by Thursday. When you pack your spares on your bike, make sure they have been stretched out before. If you have a spare that has been on your bike folded for more than 1 month, take it off and test it.

14. Be prepared to race with two spares and two quick fill cartridges. You’ll feel better. You’ve come a long way to race here; don’t let it end with one puncture. You can make up the time from a flat with a few extra powerful pedal strokes on your way back from Hawi with the wind at your back.

15. This Iron-tips installment’s pro advice comes from Faris Al-Sultan. He said, “Don’t train too much this week.” He’s right. This is a beautiful place to train – the ocean will pull you to the next buoy, and you can always go just a bit further on the Queen K, because it’s so nice out there. Don’t. You know your body, and you’ve built the base, don’t suck the energy out of your muscles this week – build it up.

16. If you have not done so already, then take this small step to becoming a triathlete. Buy elastic laces. Put them on all your shoes, then your life will consist of slip-on, slip-off -- rather than tie, and untie.

17. Sleep in at least one day this week. Yes, this means you will miss the pier scene, and the daily body-flaunt, but hey, you can check this blog to see what you missed. The idea here is to let your body rest in a deep sleep for “as-long-as-it-needs” at least one morning the week before you ask that same body to haul your tail over hot lava and through the Hawi tornado.

18. Eat at the Kona Inn. Order the grilled Ahi, with vegetables and a baked potato. This place serves “premium-unleaded fuel” with a fantastic view.

19. Buy a small travel bottle of Johnson’s Baby shampoo, and put one small drop in each lens of your goggles or mask when training and the day of the race. Rinse them until there is just a slight film left, then put your goggles on and they will not fog for your swim. Make sure not to use too much. Having no fog during the Ironman swim is one of the best ways to have “No More Fears.”

20. Find The Secret Place -- Makalawena Beach. Just 5 minutes north past the airport, on the left, you will see a sign for Kekaha Kai State Park. Follow the road all the way down (10 minutes) You should have a 4 wheel drive vehicle (very rough road). At the end, park and start your 15 min hike to the ocean. Follow the long lava trail, and then near the end you will see rolling hills with green lilies, and a sand path through the middle. That path will take you to soft white sands, clear blue water, and something magnificent worth taking a photo of, that we can’t talk about here.

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