Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Reflections and Letters

Went for an early bike and a run today at Hualalai, then had some meetings to attend, including the pre-race meeting. Heading to the Ironman sponsor reception now...

Thanks so much for your letters of encouragement about the blog and the race! Here are a few of my favorites, answers/photos to come soon...

Mitch: Thanks for the great updates from Kona. As an Ironman back-of-the-packer it may be the closest I ever get. Maybe someday the lottery will punch my ticket. As for now, IM China will have to do in April of 2006. What wonderful choices we have in the world of triathlon. As for questions regarding Kona this week, I have two: 1. How about another picture of your support crew? That's what I call traveling in style! 2. I have not seen any news, in the usual Kona pre-race coverage of the women's race, on one of my favorite Ironman athletes, the ever consistent Fernanda Keller (Thanks for the parade photo). Do you think she has another top ten in her this year? Thanks again for the coverage you are providing and the ever insightful Starting Lines in Triathlete. It is one of my favorite sections of the magazine. As a matter of fact, I am still trying to figure out what my lifetime Ironman is (and I don't mean getting to Kona). I believe that was from the Starting Lines in one of Triathlete's special editions for women about four or five years ago. Good luck saturday, and when you see Fernanda again give her a "Rock On" for me.

Enjoy the journey,
Jim IRON CPA Roeder

Hi Mitch,Thanks so much for the Big Island Blog. It makes not being there less depressing! Fantastic updates and I love the photos. Make sure my man stays in line. There's no telling what a crazy Irishman will do at the finish line in Kona! And...may you experience more of that "something much bigger" on race day.

Stay safe,
Rose Reilly

Hey Mitch,Great reports! I'm on my why out to Kona on Friday but wanted to let you know I feel like I'm there already with your ongoing updates. I hope everyone is enjoying them as much as I am.Talk to you soon.

Tom Hodge, President