Thursday, November 03, 2005

Floridian Support Crews

Lindsay and Marissa at the Ironman Florida expo (pictured above) are giving away a free entry into any Ironman North America event, you just have to guess their CEO's finish time...

Jamie Maquire's Ironman finish time was 9:54:03 and placed 96th in the race.

Marta Hernandez and Andrea Gely made a sign today for Luis Gely's race which starts in less than 48 hours! One of the greatest parts of the Ironman experience is the supportive cheers of the children. They can not possibly perceive the distance and discipline, but they are powerful reminders that we are doing this to have fun.

Liz Trap (age 20) and her mom found the grocery store getting "gatored" (it's not easy to find one here) - Liz has her 21st birthday on Monday - this is her third Ironman - she started racing at age 18.

I'll be posting more photos and 10 more Tips and Secrets for Your Best Ironman Experience (with an IM Floridia twist) -- tonight, so be sure to come back!