Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gator - Aid - Photos from Ironman Florida - More to come!

And I thought a Black Bear at Ironman Canada -- waiting in the bushes on the marathon course a few years ago -- was a scary experience.

On the marathon run course in Florida, you just might run into an alligator...

Unpacking - my bike was still in the box from Hawaii.

John (pictured above) is in charge of merchandising for many of the Ironman North America events. Here are his bottles...

Who is the iron-timing guru? Who is the guy in charge of timing not only for Ironman Hawaii, but also for many of the Ironman North America events? Marc Roy (pictured above) is a wonderful, smart, kind and connected technology executive - based in Canada. His company also prints the race bibs and times hundreds of other events across Canada.

Jason, Stormy, Tempest (the baby), and Griffin Heiner (pictured here) are all ready to participate in/watch the race on Saturday!

One other moment of record: when swimming today in the Gulf of Mexico - we ran into bowling ball-sized hard-shelled jellyfish, some rays - but no bull sharks, which apparently are around and make Panama City the shark bite captial of the USA. I'm sure they don't like triathletes - too bony. Tourists on the other hand...