Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ironman Florida Comfort Zones

How much time do you spend searching for your “comfort zone?” This blog post is about an embarrassing addiction. It all started when I arrived in Panama City, Florida and felt out of place – something was missing. I initially tried to do the trip without a rental car – which lasted about 24 hours. You need a car here. Everything is spread out.

But that was not what was missing... There were some athletes swimming this morning, but not many. Was it the fact that I missed the swim, the run and the bike today? This place is beautiful, and it's quite different from the California coast -- but what was I missing? I first spent an hour looking for a grocery store, and then on aisle 4 at the Winn-Dixie (yeee haw) it hit me. I confess, once I knew what I was missing, I spent another 40 minutes searching and then driving to the only Starbucks within 100 miles.

DIRECTIONS: Just keep driving on (26) past the airport road on your left and you’ll come to a mall after 6 miles -- and there you will find the oasis in the sand dune – Starbucks. As I pulled into Starbucks today – the rain stopped and the sun came out and an enormous rainbow appeared. It was meant to be. I snapped the photo above as I walked in. My non-fat-two-scoops-of-malt-decaf-latte was "divine". Now I'm ready to race in Ironman Florida. Got addiction?