Monday, November 14, 2005

Lessons Learned from Triathlete Kurt Dickson

Three lessons learned in 2005:

1. Girls are faster than boys (sometimes)--I actually already learned this lesson as I live with the current Arizona state and previous age group national time trial champion. My 41 year-old wife had a bike split faster than the winning male pro split (Michael Lovato) at a triathlon in Tempe a few weeks ago (Soma quarterman). She was (temporarily) disqualified as a race official (reportedly Graham Fraser) said there was no way a woman went that fast. And I have to live with this woman. Go girl power!

2. Injury humbles us all--one little tweak in my back during a recent training ride caused me to go from swimming studmuffin (age group masters national champion) and triathlete wannabe to a shriveled mass, crawling around the house and pissing in a jar for the next 2 weeks .

3. "Where's the love?"-- Amongst rumors of increasing violence during the swim portion of races, I "toed the line" at the front at Ironman Arizona. After the gun went off, my leg was immediately pulled (not touched, fondled, or caressed) and my goggles were elbowed off my head by the same person. I was forced to swim 2.39999 miles with no goggles (still the second age-grouper out of the water). To all the rugby triathletes out there: "Can't we just all get along?"