Monday, November 14, 2005

Tri-2005 Lessons from Clay Stablein

2005 Lessons Learned:

1. Heart rate monitoring could be for me, but not yet. I'm not ready for
zone training. I may never be and that's ok.

2. RPE? Lactate Threshold? I train best by "feel".

3. All the info out there on training smart, better, peaking, build periods,
base periods, etc. are too much for my feeble brain!

4. Simplify! Don't over analyze yourself, your workouts, your nutrition.
Drink and eat something. Change if it doesn't work.

5. Log the miles, rest, log the miles! That's the only way to get there
and all this age grouper can really understand. (I especially learned this
about the run. Bike miles do not substitute as much as I thought for run
miles!! See 6., below)

6. Failure is an option. It might be the best thing that happens to you
(5:08 marathon after never going over 4 hours in the last 7). ALL fear is
gone now. I am free!!

7. After 4-6, you are probably closer to your goal than you think!

8. Ironman distance, here we come!!