Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2006 Triathlete Chicks Calendar: Definitely Raising Heart Rates!

What is it that we enjoy so much about triathlons? Is it that we enjoy the race-end feelings of accomplishment, the post training session euphoria, or even the masochistic struggle to improve race times? Having competed in many triathlons over the years, I find that the achievement of goals bigger than one's self is one of the most enjoyable benefits of triathlon competition. In effect, triathlons represent the unbridled joy of independent self-realization.

Yet, while triathlons help everyday individuals to achieve mental, physical, and emotional greatness, many children with disabilities never experience the self-confidence of competing in sports, or the thrill of swimming, riding, and running. Recently, I learned how the Athletes Helping Athletes Foundation intends to provide children with disabilities the opportunity to follow their dreams and go fast for the first time in their lives. Drawing from the inspiration of triathlon competition, the Athletes Helping Athletes Foundation intends to help children with disabilities by providing super cool hand-cycles through the proceeds generated from the 2006 Raising Heartrates Calendar.

The Raising Heartrates Calendar features 16 gorgeous and hard-core athletes with a heartfelt mission: to give future challenged competitors a chance to race. In partnership with the Athletes Helping Athletes Organization, calendar sales will buy disabled children hand-cycles to aid in attaining their goals.

The “racy” Raising Heartrates Calendar features beautiful images of strength, beauty and attitude: New York City chicks that swim, bike and run. It’s a project with supernatural potential, meant to be an inspiration — and a little tease.

To purchase a calendar, learn about the program, or get involved in the organization, check out: http://www.raisingheartrates.org. I have posted a few advance images from the calendar, so I hope you enjoy!