Monday, July 17, 2006

Extraordinary Triathlon Photographer

At Triathlete Magazine, we receive thousands of submissions from writers and photographers. Today I received this letter, and I was impressed - so here is a sample photo and a link to his web site with more photos.

Dear TJ Murphy,
Your fine magazine is simply the best triathlon magazine out there and it's a must-read for all of us here in Singapore. The photos and articles are so much better than those in any other magazines in other parts of the world.
As an adventure sports photographer, it would be a dream for me to be part of the contributors for your fine magazine if my photos make the cut. Beside taking on direct assignments, my photos and articles have been published in local, regional and international magazines. The latest was on the cover of Digital Photographer, an internationally renowned photography magazine published in the America. You can see more of my published works here. Attached please find a few photos taken in the recent Osim Singapore International Triathlon about 2 weeks ago. More photos of the event can be found here: Click Here I deeply appreciate your kind attention and am looking forward to your positive reply. Many thanks. Regards, Howie Choo, Howie Photography Singapore