Thursday, July 27, 2006

Review: Jeff's Awesome Blog

We all know about the challenges and strain on our lives as we try to squeeze triathlon training into any free minute of the day and maintain some sort of semblance of life balance. It's not easy. In fact, if you do a Google search for "Triathlon blog" you’ll get a list of a few thousand websites where you can read about each individual’s experience. There’s one blog that stands out from the pack: Jeff’s Awesome IronmanLife blog. Jeff started racing triathlons in 1992 and hasn’t stopped. Soon, he and his girlfriend (Catherine) will be in Lake Placid competing in their first ever Ironman (IM USA). Not only is Jeff an avid triathlete and a good writer (he’s been a periodic contributor to Triathlete Magazine, among other publications) but, like many of us, he’s realized that triathlon isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. So his IronmanLife blog is essentially a book of gripping, oftentimes insightful, usually uproariously funny short stories. Scan through the blog and you’ll find some pretty fun stuff… (I specifically recommend the pieces on Starbucks, Boiling Frog and Triathlon School). As far as life balance, I’m not quite sure how Jeff handles it and stays laughing. Career-wise he’s a senior guy in the marketing/advertising business, he owns a record company, is a freelance writer and is running for the USA Triathlon Board of Directors. You really need to check it out.