Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Musings and Memories

There is no backing out now. Ironcuff.

The world's best volunteer crew.

Jessiqa, Graham and Andy.

Courtney Westfall is ready - and her leg (below) has the real deal Ironman tattoo.

The queen of registration, and the world - Shelly.

6X Ironman Chris Crichton, 4X Ironman Pia Crichton (both from San Fran) and 4X Ironman Nick Abramson (from San Diego)
Reading the fine print.

James Vavra, and Heather and Keather. He was testing out the new helmet.

The TP massage tent - this stuff works. My flights and drives all are so much better with the massage balls. And when at work - the foot roller rocks. We have many products in Triathlon - but these products really work.

Wendy Ingraham gets a ride!