Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunset Photos from Penticton & Ironman Canada Tips and Secrets

Getting some work done here at the wireless hotspot "mobile office" on the patio of the old Hog's Breath Coffee shop -- now a Starbucks (at the corner of Main and Front Street in Penticton).
Here is a photo from the right side of the Lakeside hotel - on the great lawn, the tents are up - and the Ironman Village sees its first arrival (see if you can find the guy walking on the lawn looking for good deals on Ironman Canada underwear.)

The sun is setting in a thick haze - here is a shot of the sunset from Salty's awesome restaurant on Lakeshore drive. I ran for an hour today and found the air quality fine - but they have issued an air quality advisory for the next few days.

Hannes, from Hannes Hawaii Tours just walked up Main Street with about 5,000 Germans following him - likely all on the way to a special Monday night pre-carbo-optimum meal intake restaurant strategy session - check the schedule. I'll bet they were right on time. I jest.

In the next week of my daily coverage of Ironman Canada - I'm going to post some tips and secrets for your best Ironman Canada, so let's get started:

1. There are two great running trails here-- one begins past the rose garden behind the "showboat on the sand" in the corner of the lake, it runs down the canal - find your way across the bridge and run down the canal.

2. Plan on going on the long slow cold water tube ride down the river this week, preferably the day after the race. You can rent an inner tube, float down the river, then they pick you up and drive you back. It's fantastic. The water is clear, and it's a nice slow ride. The entry is also near the rose garden, before you go over the bridge. It's the perfect post-race activity - that and a trip to nearby Waterworld water park to slide down the water slides. Detailed information about both places is below.

"One of Penticton's unique summer pastimes is to float down the River Channel. Visitors are invited to rent inner tubes and rafts, and take a leisurely ride down the Channel to Skaha Lake. on inner tubes. (includes raft, life jacket and a bus ride to return you to your car)."
Coyote Cruises Open Jun. 10- Sep. 18 daily, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. 215 Riverside, Penticton, BC,
(250) 492- 2115

"Wonderful Waterworld is the Okanagan's largest water theme park. Here you will find a variety of large pools, a giant hot pool, waterslides for every age and kid's pool for the little ones. Visit their food concession or test your skills at miniature golf, slot car racing or the arcade." Wonderful Waterworld 225 Yorkton Ave. Hours Mon. - Sat. 10 am - 8 pm Sun. 11 am - 7 pm

3. There is another running trail, and a mountain bike trail past the Lakeside hotel and it climbs the hills towards the giant PENTICTON sign in the hillside. Go past the hotel, and stay on the streets until you see the trailhead. (I'll get the street name where the trail begins tomorrow.)

4. Be careful in grocery stores in biking shoes - it's very slippery.

5. If you're driving to or from the event through hot valleys - be careful not to wash your windshields with cold water at the gas station - your windows will crack.

6. Relax, get organized, and meet everyone you can. A big part of this sport is the athletes you are surrounded by. Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet new friends.