Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesdays with Penticton

The morning swim.

I rode a fantastic route this afternoon that takes you to Apex Mountain. Graham Fraser, the uber-owner of IMNA series of races, showed me the route last year. With practically no cars, this route is fantastic. It's a moderate ~1 hour climb with some rolling hills until you get to the ranch, then you can decide to take the steep road up to Apex or come back down.

This road starts and continues where Green Mountain Road meets the canal. You can take the bike path there from town - once you see the river tube ride bus pick up station, take a right on Green Mountain Road - go past the lumber yard.

Green Mountain Road was beautiful this afternoon. About half way up, I saw a bear. It popped its head out of the bushes and at first I thought it was a dog, and then it stood up on its back legs and looked at me and scratched its stomach. I think he was hoping I was a bit slower, and I think he noticed my winter layer which likely looks tasty - I sure know that getting it was tasty.

The image of a bear in front of me stopped me in my tracks (I was going uphill so it was easy to stop). I then pedaled slowly past him, and once I was a safe distance I fumbled for my camera, but he had already disappeared into the bushes. It was a cub - and I was cautious enough to look around for its mom.

There was a comedian who said that we would do much better in our battle against obesity in North America if we would all just stop eating things that came in a bucket.

This morning, I noticed a family pull up next to Starbucks and the dad jumped into the back seat and grabbed the laptop computer from his daughter. They were doing a drive thru wireless connection at Starbucks. It was none other than Dave, Sylvia and Marissa Theriault from Calgary - here for the race... and some e-mails.