Sunday, December 03, 2006

December Training in San Diego

Santa Anna winds bring warm weather from the East to the coast of San Diego - thanks to these winds, it was a spectacular day here in Southern California.

These photos show the view traveling South on Pacific Coast highway from Del Mar towards La Jolla -- if you look closely you can see where I live -- the point of land that sticks out into the ocean. I snapped these photos on my way home.

Winter training is easier in California - I almost felt guilty for wearing gloves and two jackets when it was 69 degrees - much easier than Mitch-esota no doubt, but no matter where you find yourself this winter - it's still hard to get out and train when days seem to run out of daylight faster than you can fit everything in.

The solution? Get up early. Get your tail out of bed and go train at the pool, at the gym, on your bike, or even an early a.m. yoga class. It's hard to realize that spring is only 4 months away - but it is, so build your base. Stroke work. Long winter runs. Time in the saddle. Don't forget the role diet plays in your winter program. Eat your veggies and lay off the bacon and fried calamari. If you want a winter layer to keep you warm, buy a sweater.